Michael Justus, M.D.

Michael Justus, a native of Arkansas, is a graduate of Harding University and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. He has practiced Family Medicine for over 30 years, and the longitudinal relationships he has enjoyed with his patients serve as the inkwell of experience from which he writes. He draws insights and inspiration from his wife, Elaine, and the families of his three grown children.


Catching a Few Rays Michael Justus, M.D.
"The beach always beckons those who need to think. The sound of the surf breaking on the sand drowns out other distractions, and except for the shifting of shadows, time stands still. It isn't a stretch for me to imagine Solomon sitting in a weathered chair at the water's edge casting his questions into the waves and waiting for answers to roll in with the tide. As the waves deposit broken shells and bits of seaweed at his feet, he moves them around with his toes, looking for something of value."