Owen D. Olbricht

Owen D. Olbricht was born in Thayer, Missouri, and attended Harding University, where he earned a B.A. in speech. He also received the M.A. and M.R.E. degrees in Bible from Harding University Graduate School of Religion. In 1980 Harding honored him with the "Outstanding Alumnus" award in Bible.

Olbricht has spent a lifetime in ministry. He has worked in local ministry for churches in Arkansas, Missouri, and New Jersey. In 1964, he began working with Campaigns Northeast/Southeast in the US. These efforts have resulted in more than three hundred campaigns and three thousand baptisms. All together, he has led evangelistic efforts in England, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Haiti, Jamaica, Venezuela, and in thirty states in the US.


Colossians Owen Olbricht, M.A., M.R.E.
Philemon Bruce McLarty, D.Min.
(Both Commentaries in one volume!) The eternal truths and lessons in Colossians helped to shape the church in the first century. Paul taught Christians how to maintain a godly lifestyle and exalt Christ in a diverse society. The Book of Philemon, written about the same time, provides guidelines for Christian relationships. (576 pages)