David L. Roper

David L. Roper, born and reared in Oklahoma, attended Abilene Christian University and earned a BS and an MS in Bible. Roper began his preaching career at age eighteen and has held full-time preaching positions at seven congregations in Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas. He has also shared the gospel in other areas of the world, including England, Scotland, Italy, Turkey, Japan, and Romania. As missionaries in Sydney, Australia, from 1968 to 1977, Roper and his family worked with a local congregation and the Macquarie School of Preaching.

Roper has written numerous tracts, books, and booklets. Among his writings are The Day Christ Came (Again), Practical Christianity: Studies in the Book of James, Getting Serious About Love, and Through the Bible. He has also hosted Christian TV and radio programs. Roper served as an associate editor and continues to write for Truth for Today World Mission School in Searcy, Arkansas.


Acts 1—14 David Roper, M.S.
This book is currently being used by many preachers and teachers of the Word as they delve into the beginning of the Lord's church. (558 pages)
Acts 15—28 David Roper, M.S.
A powerful portion of Scripture concerning Paul's missionary journeys completes this study. (560 pages)
Romans 1—7 David Roper, M.S.
Part 1 of David Roper's doctrinal study on Romans provides an in-depth look at Paul's inspired teachings in Romans 1—7. The text explains that salvation comes by grace, not by personal merit or by law-keeping. Paul's epistle declares that all are sinners but presents Christ as the remedy for sin and its consequences. The text shows how one who submits to Christ's transforming gospel can overwhelmingly conquer temptation, sin, and even death. The good news of Romans is that God is ever working in the lives of those who follow the Spirit instead of the flesh. (470 pages)
Romans 8—16 David Roper, M.S.
Part 2 of David Roper's doctrinal study on Romans completes the in-depth study of Paul's inspired letter, covering the teachings in Romans 8—16. This encouraging section of the Scriptures focuses on the Christian's victory over sin and death, as well as the security of the Spirit-led life. Roper explains the concept of being God's elect and the divine promise that all things work for the good of those who love the Lord. He highlights the wonder of salvation through hearing and obeying the gospel and provides a beautiful, concise description of Christian living. (480 pages)
Revelation 1—11 David Roper, M.S.
This volume is an enlightening treatment of this much-talked-about book of the Bible. A great tool for sorting truth from speculation. It details several approaches to the interpretation of Revelation and contains drawings, charts, and maps. (550 pages)
Revelation 12—22 David Roper, M.S.
Unwraps the mystery that has surrounded the images of battles, beasts, and bowls of wrath. Comments on the end time clear away confusing theories about Armageddon and Christ's reign. The focus is on the true message of Revelation—Christian victory. (488 pages)
The Life of Christ, 1 David Roper, M.S.
This in-depth study of the life of Christ begins with His birth and parallels His life in all four Gospels. It contains maps, charts, and lists. (604 pages)
The Life of Christ, 2 David Roper, M.S.
Part two of this study of the life of Christ covers the final days of Jesus life, including His death, burial, and resurrection. It includes maps, charts, and lists. (684 pages)
Ephesians Jay Lockhart, M.A.
Philippians David Roper, M.S.
(Both Commentaries in one volume!) These two letters of Paul to the early churches in Ephesus and Philippi call Christians to be strong in the battle against worldliness and to be united as members of the body of Christ and citizens of heaven. (610 pages)
Getting Serious About Love David L. Roper
This is a detailed study of the greatest of all virtues, Christian love. Having thirteen chapters, this book is arranged for the Bible class.