Still Living by

A Collection of Lectures
by Annie May Alston Lewis

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Hardback • 6" X 9" • 300 pages
All proceeds above the cost of printing will be placed into a scholarship fund at Harding Graduate School of Religion.

Annie May Alston Lewis used to say that she was "as ordinary as they come," but those who worked with her and studied under her recognized her as an extraordinary Christian woman and Bible scholar. Described in Christian Woman as a "female Barnabas," Annie May provided Christian fellowship for women from every walk of life. She was also a source of encouragement to her husband, Dr. Jack P. Lewis, an elder of the White Station church of Christ in Memphis, Tennessee, and former Bible teacher at Harding University and Harding Graduate School of Religion.

This collection of Annie May's own lectures, Bible lessons, and ladies' retreat presentations reflects her knowledge of and love for the Bible. Her lessons inspire in us stewardship, faithfulness, holiness, hospitality, perseverance, selflessness, service, frugality, and—above all—greater diligence in Bible study and prayer.

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