Charles B. Hodge, Jr.

Charles B. Hodge, Jr., was born near Onion Creek at Byrd, Texas. He earned his BA degree at Abilene Christian University in 1952 and his MA at Harding University in 1953. For fifty-five years, he has served as a local minister, working with churches in Ft. Worth and Duncanville, Texas. He is the author of Amazing Grace, Angels, Teachers, Prayer: The Voice of Faith, Will God Run?, My Daily Walk with God, and The Agony & Glory of the Cross. He also writes a column for Gospel Advocate and speaks frequently for congregations across America.


The Agony & Glory of the Cross Charles B. Hodge, Jr.
In his unique, thought-provoking style, Hodge offers a deeper look at the events, the people, and the statements surrounding the cross. He examines the concepts of salvation, sanctification, and glorification, and what the cross should mean for our lives.
All Christians Are Leaders! Charles B. Hodge, Jr.
"All Christians are leaders!" Charles Hodge declares in his new release on leadership. This study challenges each member of the church to reconsider his or her role in the body of Christ. Hodge points out that every church member has the dual responsibility to lead and to follow.
My Daily Walk With God Charles B. Hodge, Jr.
Hodge focuses on the heart of Christianity—everyday life in Christ. The author challenges others to join him in the quest for a closer walk with God and emphasizes the need to abandon pride, admit imperfection, and simply submit in faith to God's will.
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Prayer: The Voice of Faith Charles B. Hodge, Jr.
This study addresses a deep need in the Christian life, wrestling with the challenges of spending time in prayer. Hodge discusses the great power of prayer, Christ's example in prayer, praying in the Spirit, and praying for one another.
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Will God Run? Charles B. Hodge, Jr.
An ideal book for study by Bible classes, personal workers, and new converts. Anyone who is searching for God at a time of wondering if God will forgive him will benefit from this book based on the Parable of the Prodigal Son.